Victaulic, the world leader in grooved and plain-end mechanical pipe joining systems, was founded in New York City in 1925 to market a radical new concept in the piping industry - a mechanical bolted coupling that would engage into grooves and feature a gasket seal.

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Grooved Mechanical Pipe Joining System

The grooved piping method - which dramatically reduces the amount of installation time and reduces total installed costs as compared to welding, threading or flanging - is now used extensively for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, water and wastewater treatment, oil field operations, mining, industrial processes, power plants, military and marine systems, and other demanding fluid-handling applications.



The economics of the grooved method derive from simplified assembly that involves three basic concepts:

  • A pressure-responsive gasket that creates a leak-tight seal
  • Coupling housings that hold the pipe together
  • Bolts and nuts that secure the couplings

A groove is rolled or cut into the end of the pipe to engage the couplings, where upon the gaskets seal on the outside diameter of the pipe. The sealing action is enhanced as the couplings are tightened by line-operating pressure or vacuum. What began as simply a faster, easier and more economical way of joining pipe has evolved into a whole new approach to solving piping problems — a total "systems" approach.


Today, Victaulic offers complete, start-to-finish solutions that anticipate a project’s every need.