Meibes started as a family business in Altwarmbüchen near Hanover, Germany. It has now become a renowned international company with more than 50 years of specialized experience in efficient networked building systems and technologies. Meibes stays true to its motto: "easier, quicker and more successful" by creating additional value for the installer through completing installation in less time and with fewer staff members.

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Meibes System


Easier, Quicker and More Successful

Functionality, quality and design are the main pillars that distinguish a good product. Meibes products are guaranteed to impress with their high standards of quality, durability and aesthetic appearance. All of these features coupled with the commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction have resulted in Meibes products winning several awards from various institutions over the years.

Here’s a list of Meibes energy-efficient systems and solutions:

  • Systems for Boiler Connection

  • Systems for Large-scale Systems
  • Circuit Control Valves
  • Panel Heating and Cooling
  • Heater Accessories
  • Systems for Solar Systems
  • Systems for Domestic Water
  • Decentralized Interface Stations
  • Systems for Local and District Heating
  • Heating System Fittings
  • Flexible Connections
  • Consumption Metering