LK Pex

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What's Slinky Got to do with our Pex-a Pipe ?

LK Pex tubing is cross-linked using Peroxide Crosslinking, so called Pex-a Process. By means of heat, a peroxide mixed into the PE raw material is split into radicals. These radicals react with the PE polymer chain and absorb hydrogen atoms to become inert. The polymer chains now become radicals. They, in turn, become inert by joining together - forming crosslinks.


The peroxide is split by means of heat. That means that the tubing material needs to be quite hot for the reaction described above to take place. It must be well over the crystalline melting point temperature of around 270 degrees Fahrenheit. The material must also be correctly shaped (must have its tubing form), while the crosslinking takes place inside the polymer melt.


After crosslinking has taken place, the material is cooled down and the crystals are formed around the crosslinking points, reinforcing these areas.