Large-capacity VRF systems with use of R410A with  advanced technology :


• Compact casing (3 ~ 12 HP).

• Bigger capacity in one casing (8HP-Max 28HP).

• Wider range of system (Max 112HP). • Total piping networok 1000 m.

• Increased connectable IU/OU cap. ratio up to 200%.

• Increased Max no. of connectable IU's up to 64 units.

• Increased high external static pressure up to 80 Pa.

• Extended operating range to provide heating at outdoor temperature as low as -20°C.

• Cooling is possible as high as 52°C.

• Suitable for renewal projects.

• Highest Seasonal EE & COP up to 8.33.

• Anti-corrosion treatment model is available.

Improved Compressor


The new HITACHI DC Inverter Scroll compressor is

designed to have higher

performance at low load operation :

+ 4.6 % in seasonal efficiency ,

also an increased efficiency and reliability and reduced power consumption .


Smart Refrigerant Temperature control is adaptative,

so for if load is low or the set temperature is close to the actual one ,

will prevail evaporating temperature increase .

In contraposition ,

if load demand is high or difference from set point and real temperature is high ,

evaporating temperature is decreased and compressor frequency is increased .