The current R&D philosophy of Herz-Armaturen is to create a perfect symbiosis of the top of the range engineering whilst matching present-day taste with respect to shape and design.

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Herz-Armaturen Ges.m.b.H. is the only Austrian manufacturer of valves for heating systems and pipe fittings, and one of the most important manufacturers of this type of products in Europe.


Herz Products:

  1. Thermostatic valves.
  2. Thermostatic heads.
  3. Two & Three Way valves.
  4. Circuit control and shutoff ( balancing & regulating valves).
  5. Pressure differential.
  6. Return valves.
  7. Manual control valves.

They are also a leading DZR brass manufacturer of fittings, valves and manifolds, in addition to press fittings, wood chopped boilers, mixers and faucets.