An experience of more than 60 years offering more solutions in comfort, in which the floor standing boilers have been the main gas and oil protagonist, the product that better represents our high  levels of research, quality, competitiveness and service; and the product that has turned us into leaders.


Heating Systems


Ferroli is the world’s largest Italian manufacturer of heating equipment.


The manufacturing system and quality tests employed by Ferroli over the years have led to increasingly reliable and safe products; mainly Cast Iron Boilers & Radiators.


Ferroli produces high efficiency boilers ranging from 30,000 kcal/hr to 9,000,000 kcal/hr and operating on liquid fuel, with three flue passes and cooled combustion chambers, for the production of hot water central heating.




The boiler has a cast-iron body made up of preassembled elements and a steel casing painted using epoxy powder paint.


Ferroli produces Cast Iron radiators of column type and of the highest output where the cross section and the surface design have been developed to optimize the radiation and convectional emissions. The high quality and reliability of these  radiators are ensured by the technological facilities of Ferroli foundry.


Ferroli products conform to UNI (Italian) , DIN (German), DVGW (German), and NF (French) standards.