Elster GmbH, Kromschröder Osnabrück is a leading manufacturer of intelligent technologies and cutting edge products for safeguarding, measuring and controlling gases. By providing domestic and commercial gas meters, as well as safety valves and control components for heating equipment and for industrial use, Elster GmbH services are fully supported by an outstanding global sales and service organization.

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At the forefront of technological progress since 1865

Elster is a leader in providing thermal gas solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential heating systems, and gas, water, and electricity meters, including smart meters and software and data analytics solutions. Elster also manufactures gas metering and pressure control devices as well as holistic solutions for the gas transmission and distribution industry. In 2015, Elster was acquired by Honeywell, a fortune 100 company.


Elster’s convenient heating regulating equipment include:

  • Communications systems
  • System controllers
  • Room temperature controllers
  • Boiler cascade controllers
  • Heat pump controllers
  • Differential temperature controllers
  • A full range of accessories