Chairman Letter

Chairman Letter

Our Valued Customers and Partners,



First of all, allow me to extend my sincere gratitude to you for your continued belief and trust in UPB, as well as welcome you to our website. On behalf of the entire team, I can tell you that we are inspired and driven by the opportunities that you give us every day to help us succeed.


Since UPB’s inception and to this day, our sole focus has always been on delivering results that exceed your expectations. Being in the era of technology, UPB has taken very strong steps towards reaching our customers and keeping them up to date about our products and services. Our company started digitally marketing through establishing this website as a platform and using social media. To ensure our customers’ satisfaction we are trying to be available on all platforms in order to make it easy for them to view us from many different windows. By browsing our website, customers can learn more about our family, products, and business partners. Therefore, if you are not able to visit us physically, then you can visit us virtually, whether through our interactive Facebook page or this website.


Being the leading provider of building mechanical systems including air conditioning, bathrooms, heating, sanitary, firefighting, renewable energy solutions, industrial systems and water saving in Jordan and the region, United Pioneering Business “UPB” stays true to its name by partnering with the industry’s most renowned technology providers to make sure that you have a variety of solutions that will fulfill your specific needs.


To maintain UPB’s leading position in the market, we are highly driven to cultivate a culture of innovation by introducing top-notch technologies and state of the art brands that have a strong market share and presence. We always make sure that we maintain an open dialogue with our customers so that we continue to introduce and deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.


Ultimately, our job is to be of value to our clients, and we are committed to fulfill this mission in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We look forward to take UPB to the next level, backed by the support of our esteemed partners, and our strong relationships with our valued customers.


Sincerely yours,




At UPB We Take Our Name Seriously


Samir Y. Khoury