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Top quality, high performance products for industrial applications, UPB offers exceptional industrial systems performance, applications, assistance and excellent services.

We are leaders in compressed air not only because we offer world-class products through Ingersoll Rand the worldwide leader but also because we stand behind our customers in all aspects of what we do.

We provide our clients with the industry’s most advanced technologies and quality products to provide them with truly efficient, cost-effective solutions. Our vast experience and quick turnaround is what sets us apart, giving our clients peace in mind.

At industrial systems, we are committed to solving the problem. Our expertise, depth, and resources come together in project delivery to provide quality solutions across a broad field of services.

With years of hands-on project experience to draw upon, our staff delivers innovative, appropriate, and valued solutions for each project we work on.

We offer support in all phases of your project, including:

  • Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • On-Site Training