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UPB has grown rapidly to be one of the area’s most respected heating and air conditioning companies because of our reliable and dependable service. We are particularly proud of our proven expertise in both heating and air-conditioning services for homes, companies and organizations. All of our service staff specialists are well trained .

Our services start with our support staff, and the initial phone call to or from our office, when then extends to the field, to our highly skilled engineers and technicians.

We will go the extra mile to determine our clients need to optimize their comfort.

The experience of our staff is consistent.

We are proud of high quality services that we provide to our customers, whether before or after sales services and even training and maintenance, which led to their satisfaction with our performance over these years

Sales services
  • 1. Project specifications analysis.
  • 2. Technical proposals.
  • 3. B.O.Qs.
  • 4. Material bag and tag.

After-sale services:
  • 1. Free on-site material delivery.
  • 2. Free supervision during installation.
  • 3. System inspection before operating.

UPB also provides:
  • 1. Commissioning and operators training.
  • 2. Maintenance / products under guarantee.
  • 3. Maintenance contracts: For our products after the guarantee period.