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“SAMSUNG gives you a real sense of refreshing air in every place and at any season”

“SAMSUNG gives you the happiness and comfort through its Air conditioning systems”

“UPB’s ultimate goal is to have our customers as partners”

As always, in the forefront toward progress and development, in order to serve its community and give him what is the best, UPB has worked hard to establish a close relationship with Samsung Company because of its reputable and high quality products, which proven in over the world, this relationship allowed UPB to be the first supplier of Samsung Air conditioning systems in Jordan, and has an specialized center opened in May -2011 for these systems and its related solutions.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung do not select its suppliers unless they have a highly reputable and have a great ability to represent its products in their countries (first class suppliers).

Samsung and UPB will cooperate to make the best performance toward the Global Top Tier on the basis of "Win-Win" ideology of co- existence and co-prosperity between Samsung and UPB.

Also SAMSUNG and UPB are looking forward to enhance the Air conditioning market in Jordan, to achieve this; UPB supported by SAMSUNG established the Air conditioning centre in Jordan.

Samsung Electronics Levant and UPB partnered to launch a fully-fledged service center exclusively for Samsung’s AC units in Jordan, which highlights the importance of the Jordanian market in Samsung’s global strategy.

This center will provide essential support services to all Samsung AC users, whether in terms of maintenance and after sales support.

The center implements international best practices in the arena of customer care and boasts a highly trained staff, which will ensure the delivery of unparalleled customer service.