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FLAMCO Cylinders

The Flamco Group is a producer of HVAC equipment and market leader in most European countries. Consists of seven production units in the Netherlands, Germany, and United Kingdom. Flamco Group produces over 5.000 articles, Flamco products have the following brands: Flamco, Flexcon, Prescor and Airfix.
Flamco major products:
1-Expansion Tanks for Cooling, Heating and Potable water systems.
2-Expansion Automates (Compressor or Pump controlled).
3-Pressurization Units.
4-LPG Storage tanks.
5-Automatic Air vents and Air separators.
6-Pipe Support System.
7-Water heaters.
8-Safety Valves and Pressure gauges.
9-Brass accessories.
Flamco can offer the following combination that has worked perfectly in many countries:
• Top quality products.
• Full range of products (expansion vessels, safety valves, venting range, etc.).
• Good technical service support.
• Reliable deliveries.
The courage to make unusual choices offers the freedom to realize an entirely Individual style. Make your own unusual dreams come true with our Netherlands giant; Flamco.


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